15 years of Compensation and Pension experience


We have 15 years of Compensation and Pension experience at the largest C&P department in the country.

We have each seen thousands of Veterans and their claims.

With all of the time spent with our Veterans both at the VA and our private offices, we have developed a deep understanding of the C&P process and what is needed to make the best case for a claim.

The biggest reason we continue to see denials is lack of documentation.

Documentation of injuries and complaints are important evidence to support a claim.

There are several reasons we have seen for lack of documentation, which include:

It is not uncommon to see a Veteran and to believe his or her account of a claimed injury but be unable to connect a claim based on lack of evidence

Nexudoc was created on a sleepless night while thinking about the increasing number of Veterans we are seeing without evidence to support their claims. We knew there needed to be a way that service-members could take control of their documentation, their health and their future needs in regard to getting connected for future claims. 

It was important to have Nexudoc accomplish the following:

Out of all of this, Nexudoc was born from the hard work of a team who is grateful for our military members and dedicated to supporting their journeys while in service and following separation.

We look forward to helping you along with your military service,

Nexudoc LLC Team